The A.S.K. Criteria : What Truly Matters in Hiring Process


Yesterday, during a class at Lingnan University Graduate School, a student asked about the kind of individuals the market is looking to hire and the skills and abilities they should possess. My answer is quite straightforward, and it’s based on the A.S.K. criteria when selecting our desired candidates.

Firstly, *Attitude*. Regardless of how intelligent you are, how much you know, how many books you’ve read, or which prestigious institution you graduated from, if you’re not open-minded, willing to collaborate, and arrogant, then the next two criteria are irrelevant to us.

Secondly, *Skill*. This is the key factor that determines your efficiency at work. Companies face various unexpected challenges daily, and client needs are ever-evolving. The question is, are you adaptable and well-rounded?

Thirdly, *Knowledge*. This pertains to whether you possess adequate knowledge before entering the job or are continuously learning. Most universities provide foundational knowledge, which only helps you identify your expertise and capabilities. The real question is, are you willing to delve deeper?

Over the past two to three years, I’ve referred many individuals to various jobs. However, often after the referral, they forget about me. Gratitude is crucial, and it’s in these moments that others see your true character. In conclusion, your attitude and character are the fundamental criteria we consider.

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