📆 **Unlocking Seamless Time Management with Dual ChatGPT+ Plugins: MixerBox Calendar & Keymate.AI Search** 🕒


Hello #LinkedInFam,

Happy Monday! Today, I want to share a revolutionary approach to time management and productivity using dual ChatGPT+ plugins. 🚀

Managing a busy schedule can be a herculean task. But here’s the game-changer: By enabling both MixerBox Calendar and Keymate.AI Search as ChatGPT+ plugins, I’ve taken my Google Calendar management to the next level. 🗓️

### 🌟 **MixerBox Calendar (ChatGPT+ Plugin)** 🌟
This tool is a game-changer. It allows me to quickly retrieve events, create meetings, and set reminders effortlessly. The integration with Google Calendar is seamless.

### 🌟 **Keymate.AI Search (ChatGPT+ Plugin)** 🌟
This plugin is the perfect companion to MixerBox Calendar. It helps me find relevant information and events to add to my calendar, making scheduling a breeze.

🔗 **Dual Integration is the Magic Formula** 🔗
The secret sauce? Enabling both ChatGPT+ plugins simultaneously. This allows for a streamlined, efficient, and incredibly effective scheduling process.

👉 **Example Prompt 1**: “Schedule a lunch for me to meet with my team for 6 to have it close to TST Kowloon area.”
With both plugins enabled, MixerBox Calendar handles the scheduling while Keymate.AI Search finds the perfect venue.

👉 **Example Prompt 2**: “Reschedule my meeting with xxx@xxx.com on Tuesday to Thursday at the same time and send him an update.”
A single command to MixerBox Calendar reschedules the meeting and notifies the attendee, all while Keymate.AI Search ensures that the new timing doesn’t conflict with other important events.

👉 **Example Prompt 3**: “Help me to schedule a reading time 3 times a day for 20 minutes at night.”
MixerBox Calendar sets up the recurring reading slots, and Keymate.AI Search can even suggest some reading materials based on my interests.

If you’re looking to supercharge your time management skills, I can’t recommend enough the dual integration of these ChatGPT+ plugins.


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